Windows App Development Hints

Windows is a user-friendly, secure and efficient operating system that powers a wide range of devices from desktop computers to smartphones, tablet and wearables. Windows phones that are now powered by the latest platform Windows 10 Mobile do not boast such a wide user base as Android or iOS, but have a dedicated and ambitious audience that is highly loyal. Another major advantage of the WIndows OS is that it is regularly updated and with ever new version there come many exciting features. That is why developing a mobile app for WIndows is always a great choice for businesses and, here we can supply you with a first-class smartphone solution that will attract Windows Phone owners and empower your business with robust functionality.

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Wide Expertise in Windows App Development

We boast a wonderful team of enthusiastic, well-versed and skilled developers and designers who have a solid background in Windows phone and Windows mobile native app development. Our experts are proficient in utilising a wide range of tools for native Windows development and implementing many advanced technologies. We always aim at designing outstanding experiences, making our apps easy to use and a pleasure to look at. That is why we do not recommend cross-platform app development to our clients - native apps offer a better level of security and a more robust functionality. We create designs, which keep in line with the latest trends, efficient features and cost-effective processes. It’s enable you to develop a native Windows app at a minimal expense.

Windows Apps of All Kind
Our team can deliver applications of all kind and for all version of the Windows operating system across various industries. Here are just some of the many types of Windows apps we can develop:
  • Enterprise apps
  • Bespoke mobile apps
  • Branding platforms
  • Marketing apps
  • Customer-oriented apps
  • Cloud solutions
  • Other innovative B2B and B2C solutions
Leverage the Power of the Latest Technologies
Create a software system that will perfectly fit into your business with our WIndows app development experts from London, UK. We are here to help you harness the latest technologies and accelerate business innovation. Connect to the largest audience of smartphone and tablet owners. Over almost ten years in the software development industry, we have developed a seamless delivery process. This enables us to supply clients with full-fledged solutions within weeks.
Today we witness a drastic change in the way people interact with brands and access the Internet. Mobile usage has exceeded desktop usage, and the overall level of quality provdeid in modern app has significantly increased. You need to consider all these factors when building an app to represent your brand. Hiring an experienced and reputable web design agency, you ensure that your product appeals to consumers and keeps your data secure.

Software Development Services We Provide

Kinds of services
  • Native mobile app development. The smartphone revolution has already come and it is high time you harnessed the opportunities of mobile
  • Web design. Magora has a solid background in designing websites for small and large organisation worldwide.
  • E-commerce platform development. Transfer your business to the world wide web to make it visible to internet users.
  • Online marketing consultancy. We can help you create the most efficient strategy to acquire customers, boost traffic and increase profits.
Technologies We Utilise
  • PHP, WordPress, Magento, CSS3, CodeIgniter
  • JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • MySQL, Zend, Photoshop, PHPFox
  • CorelDraw, WooCommerce, Joomla, OpenCart
In the case of website development, technical excellence and visual aesthetics are the core factors which attract users and make them want to return to your brand, while a site with an outdated design and poor performance is likely to scare people off. You can rely on us to design a user-friendly website optimised for the devices of all screen size that will fit into your established branding and engage consumers. If you have any questions about web design and app development, get in touch, we will be happy to offer you a free consultation.
Experience in web design matters. This is exactly why you should pay great attention to every detail, trying to make it appealing, easy to use and highly engaging. Make sure that the website serves its purpose efficiently and fast - for example, if make it easy for the user to find an address of your offline shop or contact your support team, because if they will not be able to find what they need within seconds, they will leave and never come back. Business growth and expansion is the ultimate objective or your website. Choosing the right web designer will ensure that your website meets your requirements, fits into your business persona and keeps within the budget.
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    Digital Marketing Consulting
  • tab_2
    Web Design
  • tab_3
    Website Development
  • tab_4
    Search Engine Optimisation

It is no secret that more than 80% of businesses who create an online extension using internet marketing see increase in sales. There are three main practices you should use to increase online visibility:

  • Website development
  • Web design
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

First of all, to establish an online presence, you need to develop a website that will represent your brand in the world wide web. With a website, your product and services will be available to consumers 24/7 regardless of their location, which is a great advantage in the world where everyone is constantly busy. A website is a new dimension of your business. And if your website is good enough, it will boost sales and increase incomes.

Only professional developers with lots of experience and a wide expertise in technologies can create a website that is visually pleasing, efficient and fully optimised for search engines. In the face of a fierce competition in today’s online business environment, you cannot afford a website that is worse than that of your competitors’. Our team works hard to deliver a site that meets your expectations, represents your brand in a favourable light and complies with the latest trends in design.

The next important step after you have programmed and deployed the website is to grow a user base. Search engine optimisation helps to solve this task, putting your site to the top of search results. We do not simply code your website and leave it to be - we advise you on the best strategies to promote your products and services online and continuously maintain it to keep updated. So if you are looking for a team of talented and experienced developers in London, you have found them. We are the industry-leading digital agency that stands at the center of innovation and changes the world around through top-notch technologies.

There are many technologies and frameworks you can use to develop websites: PHP, WordPress, Joomla and others. A high quality website attracts customers, brings value and makes your brand stand out from the competition, and this is what you should crave for designing your site. Another important aspect is integration with social networks and adjustment to the small screen of smartphones and tablets dues to the high popularity of these platforms. Only an experienced and well-versed team of analysts, designers and developers will be able to deliver a product that combines all these features. At our software development company, we can deliver websites and software of any complexity, applying the latest technologies and the best development practices.

  • We have created this brief checklist that will help you find a proper developer for your project, so do read it carefully and use wisely:
  • Set your business goals
  • Allocate the budget
  • Check out the candidate’s portfolio
  • Interview the developers

Sick and tired of your old website with outdated design, long loading time and poor performance? Want to modernise it, making it more user-friendly, optimised for mobile and attractive? Our enthusiastic and highly qualified designers are here to help you with the task. A website is a platform that represents your brand to an international audience, and it is what makes the first impression on consumers and forms their opinion about your company.