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At out digital company, we build first-class web applications and bespoke software.

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10 Years of Experience Delivering High-Quality Software Products

We are a web application development company with a wide expertise in creating native mobile and web-based applications. Over almost ten years in the software design industry we have delivered more than 350 IT projects for small, midsized and large businesses across various industries including banking, e commerce, education, business intelligence, mass media and more.

Seamless Web Application Development Process
Throughout the years, we have honed our skills and polished the process of web application development to adjust it to the ever-changing environment of the market and keep in line with emerging technologies to deliver products in time and within budget. The Scrum methodology helps us streamline the process and ensure a productive workflow with strong team collaboration and timely delivery.
Technology Expertise of Our Web Application Development Company
  • PHP web development proficiency. Content management system (CMS) design and modernisation, bespoke corporate software, integration of third-party services, online shopping cart integration.
  • Java web programming expertise. Video streaming, Android native apps, artificial intelligence, applications for wearable devices and client relationship management (CRM) platforms.
  • .NET software design proficiency. Rigorous analytics, in-depth market research, automated reporting, accounting systems and cloud-based server solutions for data processing and storage.
  • HTML5 and JavaScript web-based application creation. Outstanding user experiences, eye-catching visuals, intuitive user interfaces, responsive web sites optimised for mobile and stunning graphics.
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    Responsive Web Design
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    MVP for Startups

The major benefits of bespoke web-based apps is that they are exclusively designed to fit into the specific needs of your company. We can tackle any project: whether you want to develop a tailor-made native mobile application from scratch, revamp your existing web site or integrate new cutting-edge technologies into your legacy system, we have powerful tools and solid expertise to make this happen.

Building your software in the cloud enables you to create secure and scalable solutions that adapt to the growing number of users and backs up all the important data about your company on a cloud server where it cannot fall into the wrong hands. We have a strong background of delivering elaborate cloud digital solutions that show high performance and meet world-class security standards.

The smartphone revolution has already happened, so if your brand still have not got a mobile web site, it is high time you optimised your site or developed a brand-new one. Our talented team of industry-leading UI/UX designers (user interface and user experience), mobile application developers, engineers and business analysts will work hard and apply all their multiple skills to craft a mobile-friendly site that adjusts to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers of all resolution and display size.

Want to launch a new killer product that will earn you millions? You have found the right IT company to outsource its development because we have a wealth of expertise in assisting ambitious startups. Our fast delivery process and seamless client communication guarantee that your product will be released to the market in the shortest time possible and attract thousands of hundreds of users within the first days.

Benefit from our secure and efficient process to skyrocket your coampny and outsrup the competitors. The Scrum methodology is growing in its popularity due to its high efficiency, ease of use and great flexibility it offers to developers. We utilise this methodology to ensure that we can change the requirements to the project at any stage for development and deliver shippable software within weeks after each short iteration.

Why We Use the Agile Methodology

Over many years in the software development industry our web application development company has learned agile in and out and gained an in-depth understanding of this approach, which allows us to effectively apply it to project of any size and budget. We also have put great efforts into finding the most efficient way to deal with application development outsourcing and it has resulted in the most amazing portfolio of successful project we have delivered to some of the most internationally recognised brands all over the world.

The agile approach promotes an iterative software development process that allows to deliver fully functional apps within weeks rather than months. A popular instrument for agile development is Scrum, which pt forward the process based on sprints or iterations, the result of which is a shippable digital product. Here are the code steps of the agile web application development process:

  • Sprint 0
  • Product backlog
  • Backlog grooming
  • Sprint retrospective
  • DoR (definition of ready)
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint backlog
  • Product development
  • 24h daily Scrum
  • Sprint review
  • Potentially shippable product increment

Thanks to the agile approach, we ensure a close communication and collaboration between the development teams, the project manager and the client. We keep our clients informed about every step we take and welcome them to take an active part in decision making, playing a key role in the creation of the future application. We know perfectly well how to build custom projects with advanced security, high quality and a rich set of features, and deliver them fast. Does your company need a tool that would help you stand out from the competition and engage the target audience? Get in touch with our web application development company’s coders and designers, and we will build a custom solution that flawlessly suits your requirements. Send us an email, call us or drop by at our London office.

The Advantages of Following the Agile Process

  • Get started fast. Agile provides for a really quick start. During the first iteration we interview the client to get familiar with your company, identify the requirements for the project and define key milestones. To maximize the productivity, we automate routine procedures including reporting, problem notifications, programming tools and other technologies, services and frameworks. To ensure the fastest delivery, we set the system to automatically update and report on all changes to the provisioning such as detected issues, status updates, service requirements and more.
  • Fully functional products within the shortest time. The agile process puts great emphasis to designing products with tangible business value after every brief iteration, which is called a PSI (potentially shippable increment). Our lightening quick and efficient team will deliver the first results within weeks since the start of the project, getting done with both the zero and the first sprint.
  • Unparalleled flexibility. As opposed to the rather obsolete Waterfall method, agile is a highly flexible approach that is open to changes even at the latest phases of development. We apply a well-polished procedures to ensure the full transparency of every action we perform, backlog the entire progress we make and ongoingly report the client about every possible change to the product.
  • Progress tracking and full transparency. Agile strongly emphasises the fully transparent software design process. We measure the success of the process by comprehensive and clear metrics and provide the clients with personalized reports to inform them about the speed of development, the overpassed milestones and the predictions for the future progress.
  • Minimised risks. We are seasoned professionals when it comes to mix mitigation and prevention. We have established procedures that enable us to predict possible risks at the earliest stage and timely take necessary measures to prevent them.
  • Forward-minded pioneers in the agile methodology. We make much effort to keep an eye on the latest technologies and techniques emerging in the agile approach and educate ourselves to stay on top of the market. We inspire knowledge sharing between the employees of our web company and invest into continuous education for our highly qualified specialists.
  • You suply ideas - we bring them to life. Our expert take the full responsibility for rojet management, unburdening the client and letting them run their own company while we take care of the technical aspects of the process.