Apple Professional Development Services for Business

Our software development company has been providing Apple professional development services for over seven years embracing all Apple products from Apple Watch and iPhones to iPads and Macs. We cultivate our expertise facing challenging projects and helping businesses to evolve with smart iOS software solutions. Every new development case helps our professional developers to learn something new, grow skill set and employ creative thinking. Now we can boast a dream team of experienced iOS programmers and designers who bring to life innovative ideas and create tailor-made software solutions catering the most demanding requirements.

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iOS Professional Development

Mobile apps transform the way of living bringing new opportunities to do business, communicate, and have fun. Apple devices provide users with tremendous possibilities which can be accessed with a proper software solution. If you want to utilise iPhones’ or iPads’ capabilities and take advantage of what they can offer you, our Apple professional development team is here to deliver distinctive bespoke applications that not only provide great user experience but also enable its users to benefit from the rich functionality of Apple’s operating system and hardware. The iPhone and iPad software development is carried out with the help of Apple’s tools and technologies. But not everyone can succeed with them; only professional developers will help you to benefit from Apple’s innovations introducing them into your business. An in-house trained and experienced team of iOS app developers fulfils the specifications and requirements of the customers putting their heart into every development case.

iPhone applications
iPhones are perfect business smartphones because of their stable and secure operating system and feature set. Besides, it is well-known that iPhone users are loyal to this platform and comparing to Android users they are more willing to pay. These two factors make Apple products perfect for the development of bespoke software that not only can become a cost-effective solution for business promotion but also a powerful tool which empowers your staff. Let professional developers assist you in entering the mobile market with the stunning user experience.
iPad software
The bigger screen provides greater possibilities for programmers and designers to create usable and intuitive mobile application. But its size also enables additional functionality such as multitasking enabling people to use two applications simultaneously. Such functionality can be extremely useful for business, and our development team access it, ensuring that the app can adjust to all available modes. We can help you to convert iPad from entertainment device to an ultimate tool, just tell us about your challenges and app ideas.
We have proved our professionalism with hundreds of successfully delivered applications that run iOS and OS X platforms. As members of Apple Developer Program, we have access to the latest betas and releases, extensive testing opportunities, and Apple’s SDK. This membership enables us not only access all the capabilities of iOS platform but also submit apps to the App Store making them available worldwide.

Our Services

OS X Bespoke Software Solutions
Mac platform composes the OS X operating system and advanced technologies. We will be happy to assist you in creating an effective program with stable core ensuring that your employees and customers get complete access to the key OS X features. Our developers have leveraged OS X layered architecture at the professional level mastering key technologies and accessing a range of possibilities for streamlined Mac software development. We use the highest-level programming interfaces which enable us to meet the goals of your bespoke software solution. Our team utilises the technologies of the Cocoa Layer to build app’s user interface that responds to user actions and manage the program behaviour and implement the functionality of Notification Center, full-screen mode, Auto Save and many other features. We also well-competent in the Media, Core Services, Core OS and the Kernel and Device Drivers layers ensuring well-efficiency, productivity and usability of the application.
Apple watchOS and tvOS
Since all Apple’s device have a smart operating system in their foundation, our team strives to deliver exclusive software solutions that run on all of them including Apple Watch and TV. Whether you need to create a complement for a mobile application that could streamline user experience via immediate notifications on the watches or build an immersive TV app, our team is ready to embrace these smart devices matching your needs and specifications. We will help you to benefit from new watchOS navigation enhancements and performance ensuring quick launch time and instant access to up-to-date information. Professional developers can also employ the latest APIs and frameworks available for tvOS assisting you in innovating into TV experience taking advantage of its CPU/GPU, 1080p display and remote featuring.

Development Life Cycle

As an Apple professional development service provider, we conduct an in-depth analysis of clients’ business processes, their competitors, market and target audience before setting into the development process of the app project. Our programmers and designers keep up with the latest updates and new versions of software releases, Apple’s tools and SDK (software development kit) to deliver software solutions in accordance with the technology standards. We strive to the creation of an interactive and intuitive interface which facilitates user engagement and helps to increase revenue outputs.

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    Idea Verification
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    UI/UX Design
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    Code Development
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    App Testing

We welcome forward-looking entrepreneurs with amazing ideas of how to innovate in the business. Our business analysts and project managers immediately kicking into gear with their experience and IT insight. Together we verify the idea, transform if it is necessary and adjust to the user expectations. We help you to determine the solution that would be the best fit your business needs and app requirements. Experienced software engineers form perfect IT strategy adjusting it to your business goals. They divide a complex project into simple operations. Each operation is accomplished by appropriate IT specialists. Such collaborative approach allows to accelerate the development with no prejudice to the quality of the product. Our development set sights on the maximisation of the output results with minimal and cost-effective input and optimal timeframes.

Our team of professional app designers work in close cooperation with the clients to ensure aesthetic correspondence with the desired objectives and perfect business identity reflection. We strive for the development of an effective, usable, intuitive and engaging design of an app via multiple Apple tools and iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

  • We are well-versed in Interface Builder editor available within Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which enables designers to make a full user interface without writing code. This drag and drop technology let professional designers focus on the app appearance and accelerate their work relieving them from extra coding work.
  • UX specialists ensure seamless navigation within the app with the help of Interface Builder storyboards which demonstrate a complete view of the app’s flow. Designers chain these views preparing software for custom code.
  • Whether it is Cocoa for Mac or Cocoa Touch for other Apple devices, designers can benefit from this native object-oriented API (Application Programming Interface) leveraging gesture recognition, animation and various graphic control elements.

Code writing is what takes the largest part of the development process. But with the help of agile development methods, we manage to deliver the results as soon as possible. Agile development implies iterative and cooperative approach which mainly relies on regular customer feedback. The development team start with the creation of an MVP (minimum viable product) which present a working program with its key functionality. We give you the MVP of your program ensuring that you can check it out and specify some requirements, see how it works and provide us with the feedback. We regularly deliver results and adjust the program to the evolving requirements making it a perfect fit your business needs. Professional programmers use the latest version of Apple’s development tools.

We write code in the native Apple’s IDE, Xcode, benefiting from its Editor Extensions which enable us to customise coding experience, improve editor’s text navigation, and let select, modify and transform the code. Such development environment simplifies programmer’s work and streamlines code writing process. While its Runtime Issue functionality automatically identifies issues and reports about hard-to-find errors.

Professional iOS app developers write code with the help of the Objective-C and Swift programming languages. The first one is a general-purpose and object-oriented language that used to be the main programming language used for Apple’s platforms until 2014 when Apple Inc. released their own language Swift. A general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language was created specifically for Apple’s operating system and frameworks. Its purpose was to simplify the coding experience, and the latest update keeps assisting programmers to develop for iOS with a new public API Naming Guidelines.

As professionals in IT industry, we prioritise the quality of our products ensuring smooth performance, security, stability and usability. QA experts start their work since the initiation of the project analysing the challenges that may occur during the development and features implementation. Their work is aimed at the elimination of serious bugs. After thorough analytical work IT experts suggest ways out and potential solutions that could deal with the challenges. When development team starts writing code, QA experts run regular testing checking every detail of the piece of software making sure that its code meets universal standards, interface fits iOS Human Interface Guidelines and functionality performs well on all targeted devices. They ensure that end product is free from layout and technical glitches ensuring seamless submission to the Apple App Store.

Technical Support

In addition to the professional app creation services, we also offer maintenance and integration services providing technical support and IT consultancy. We are always ready to help innovative business people to get IT insight and assistance with their software ideas. Even when we deliver the end results, we don’t leave clients alone helping them to publish their software navigating Apple strict review or seamlessly integrate software solutions within the company employees. You can rely on us when it comes to updates and new features implementation.