Top Apple Developers: iOS Platform as Your Formula of Success

We are a team of highly skilled app developers that offer top-class mobile software development services for iOS platform. We cope with the whole project lifecycle: from idea to the polished product. Our primary goal is to deliver apps that will gain excellent success in the mobile market. We create iOS applications that assist startups and enterprises receive their customer respect and consequently growing income.

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Our Advantages

  • 7 years in the market. Our organisation is present in the digital market for about seven years already. We have produced dozens of incredible iOS products. Regardless the scale of your project we will bring it into life.
  • Advanced approaches. Every minute something changes in the IT world and every minute we research. We are in step with all present day technologies, and use them in our work.
  • Customer support. We are right here to help you with all the questions you may have. From the beginning of the project to the product launch, get professional consultations by phone, email or Skype, and inform us about your doubts or worries.
Exceptionally trained developers have the cutting-edge expertise of iOS development, SDK, and APIs. If you want to order iOS mobile app, our team is distinctly professional to bring the project of any complexity to existence. The programs we produce provide higher user experience and overall performance, usability and reliability.

Vast range of services

We have introduced an extensive range of development services, from simple apps to integrated enterprise systems and games for iOS. We are real professionals in 3D, virtual reality design, GUI, animation, frontend and backend development.
Since a significant number of users regularly surf the Internet using Apple devices, our Apple developers of iOS software provide porting and mobile web development services. We make sure that your site has a mobile-friendly navigation system, optimised for handheld viewing, suitable content and UI/UX design. We additionally ensure that the website meets mobile app necessities and operates its features and functionality.
Our mobile-focused UI/UX experts, technical architects and dedicated iOS developers will make you feel the distinction in the simplicity of receiving top-notch solutions for your business needs.
The team of developers we represent provides a full range of software development services for Apple devices building and launching full-fledged iPhone and iPad apps from scratch. iOS apps affect the profitability of any organisation, making it an outstanding participant of the market available for extra customers.
The experienced Apple developers will offer you the best solutions in iOS software design and development. We are able to help create the idea, design, launch, install and promote the apps for Apple devices. Our experts continually stay up to date on the most recent trends and innovations of Apple.
Using the enormous experience and thorough understanding of contemporary Apple trends, we will broaden the concept into an iOS program that will help to gain the market. We are closely acquainted with such enterprise verticals as finance, sports and fitness, travelling, business, entertainment, games and so on. Our iOS software development abilities are proved by the happy clients’ feedbacks.
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    Ongoing Support

You may rely on our expertise in UI/UX design. We are able to turn your specs into a breathtaking layout that completely corresponds to Apple requirements and pointers. We will make certain that it is user-friendly, fashionable, stylish, up-to-date and looks useful among comparable products. Your software can be remarkably beneficial or progressive; however, it needs to be appealing as well because that is what customers pay most attention to.

We are the dedicated developers who have mastered iOS software development tools and global-proven technologies with a purpose to help your business attain new heights with the top-notch mobile solutions.

Satisfaction is warranted

Our primary intention is client’s satisfaction. We carefully examine your necessities and proposes to find the maximum appropriate solutions. When developing Apple products we provide our clients with everyday reports about the workflow so that they were always aware of the actual steps at each milestone. Whether you need an iOS application for enterprise, 3D game, chat utility, income tracker or educational app, the Apple developers will help.

Outstaffing development teams are what nowadays makes IT one of the most scalable industries. We don’t say that conventional in-house groups are changed by freelancers, but, frequently, urgent unique necessities of a business are covered more efficiently by an outsourcing team.

Our company provides the clients with an expert Apple developers team; we also make sure that every member of a crew has the highest degree of knowledge in a wanted area.

Outstaff management

On different stages of your project, you may require not only the handiest developers but also professional managers, who can contribute their efforts to make the business mechanism work better, optimise enterprise and development technique. We offer the services like:

Project management

The main intention of the PM is to make use of all human and technical sources in the best way, so we deliver the end product in the most efficient manner and with minimum fees. Over 50% of all thde initiatives are processed using the Agile methodology. Our certified Agile developers will assist to arrange software development process and keep updated on the everyday basis. The rest 50% is split between Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum and other advanced methodologies.

Business development control

From the MVP to the absolutely useful prototype and operating product, our business development managers will help to discover the core points of enterprise development, defining the values and key clients demand. Experienced in business model generation, we are able to assist in setting up the initial surroundings on the startup or optimising workflows in a middle or large sized organisation.

Marketing support

Our devoted marketing specialists will help to elaborate the best strategy to promote your product in the Apple Store and the world market. Our company provides vast app promotion services to ensure that the product stands apart from other comparable products. We offer a post-release guide and update services to be confident that software utility structures are running well and working at capacity.

Benefits of our team

The advantages of selecting our Apple developers for iOS as your outstaff companions are:

  • Complete control of the IT and management expenses
  • Reduce working and administration expenses
  • You get time to focus on core business points
  • Technically skilled professionals

We pay tremendous interest to software QA testing procedures when developing the web and mobile programs for Apple gadgets. We have professional engineers with fantastic knowledge and tremendous experience in the most advanced testing practices, tools, systems and technology to reply any needs of the clients.

A group of professional QA and testing engineers will ensure the flawless operation of the future products we produce by multilevel QA testing.

Any bugs and errors found are at once removed through the close collaboration of programmers and test engineers, which notably reduces the running time. We perform mobile QA testing in the course of the whole development cycle to provide the top-notch solutions.

Testing allows discovering not only simplest bugs but additionally mistakes inside the manage logics and layout. Our test engineers use only advanced approaches to the high-quality guarantee and aware of worldwide high standards. We also ensure that the product corresponds the iTunes exceptional standards.

Why choose our Quality Assurance and Testing group:

  • Cost-effective highly-professional Apple developers have years of experience in the building of bug-free and strong software.
  • We offer full-cycle QA test services and result-orientated approach to meet the client’s needs.
  • Your project will take all the benefits of the advanced methodologies and technologies.
  • We adore robust and reliable partnership. Being a responsible associate, we offer superb communication, high productivity and flexibility.

Our company offers a huge variety of ongoing consulting and update services to make sure that the iOS software is maximum useful. Customers’ goals and wishes are changing because the development environment and the Apple gadgets undergo launch cycles as new requirements emerge and need to be taken into consideration. We examine each ongoing trouble thoroughly and find new powerful solutions for its best functioning.

You will surely get:

  • Problem-solving,
  • Troubleshooting,
  • Software program improvements and upgrades,
  • Training,
  • Product overall performance assistance, and so on.

Customer support team

Our Customer Support team is available to solve all your troubles and queries. You are welcome to contact with any questions, doubts or worries. Our experts will be glad to find a practicable solution and help remedy all the arising troubles. We are always happy to consult you about your venture and help select the maximum suitable technology and capabilities.

We offer the following kinds of Customer Support:

  • onsite renovation and assist,
  • remote computing device connection,
  • remote assistance via email,
  • Skype or Phone help.

Just drop us a line, and we will get in touch at once.

Businesses are beginning to understand the growing importance of know-how management as a key to competitive gain.

Education sessions after the implementation of a new solution ensure that clients easily get acquainted with their new environment, permitting them to take higher gain of the numerous functions available.

The phase after the implementation is essential to keeping it a hit. There is additionally a reality that technology evolves fast and your employees will need to update their skills to work more productive.

We are specialists at gathering the knowledge and making it available to your enterprise.

The content of a customised training may be elaborated with a consultant and designed for individual skill levels to meet the requirements of every player from novices to superior users. Target group may be both the staff who operates the new technologies each day and executives who desire to apprehend and examine. Length, contents and extents will then range and could be determined upon agreement.

Customer community introduction is one of the maximum vital elements that brings the project to success.

It is crucial to advertise the product to the relevant target audience, evoke their interest and deliver them up to date information about new product releases and capabilities, as well as opportunity to share this data with others, give feedback and make evaluations.

Our company uses the high-quality advertising strategies that will help you gain a huge audience in short terms and make sure that the product meets and exceeds the users’ expectancies.

We help build robust customer community by using social network marketing, blogs and forums of related subjects. The current and potential clients need to be aware of all benefits of the product and have an opportunity to follow the news and invite their friends to join.

We are specialists at creation, advent and spreading of promo videos, presentations, video manuals and other kinds of social advertising and marketing.