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Designing iPhone apps is our primary specialisation. We ensure compliance with all iOS strict standards both aesthetic and functional. Since our app design company was building custom iPhone apps for years, we know how to emphasise all the vital aspects of our products delivering apps that capture your customers increasing your profit.

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Our development agency

Our software company gathered together the most sophisticated and talented mobile app developers and designers to craft functionally dazzling and visually stunning software solutions for companies of all sizes and entrepreneurs who just started up their business. Our development team ensures that every line of code and every pixel are of the highest quality and in their right place. That is why, we build crisp, attractive, and functional software tools for iPhones that exceed any expectations empowering your employees and increasing your brand awareness.

Exceptional developer’s tools

Our access to the top-notch Apple libraries, frameworks, and other technologies let us build engaging user experience and incredible functionality.
Apple Pay
iPhone app designers can implement a secure, simple and private way to make payments within the iPhones. Touch ID authorisation streamlines and simplifies this process releasing users from hassle.
We can utilise the service which enables seamless access to the content and data you care about from any device without explicit synchronisation. Whether it is some documents, graphs, reports, photos or any other files, they will be available to you and your employees in their latest version.
This tool can not only facilitate but also speed the process of social games creation. It enables such features as score and achievements posting, friends adding, displaying game leaders and many others.
The PassKit framework allows app developers to create, access, update, and distribute numerous types of passes in their digital representation. Thus, in travelling industry it can be app ability to work with a boarding pass, while for the retail industry it can be coupons which offer special offers and discounts or store loyalty/discount/gift cards and other types.
In-App Purchase
We can design an effective monetization strategy allowing your customers and app users securely pay for digital products within your iPhone program. We can implement some premium features, subscription to recurring content, or virtual items that users will be able to purchase.
the MapKit framework empowers our iPhone app developers to embed maps directly into app views. We can put placemark information and points of interest for a chosen map coordinate and add overlays.
Data Protection
Due to built-in encryption you app can store files that users mark as protected in an encrypted format. Locked devices won’t let potential intruders access your files, and when users need this files unlocking the device they allow the application to access them. If it is mission-critical for you to protect your business data on your iPhone devices, our app designers can implement this feature in your application.
This API allows collecting and store health and fitness data in iOS transferring it to Health apps with a user permission. We can teach your health iPhone applications to define calorie consumption goals and make recommendations related to users’ diets and implement many other features related to fitness and health. Only being members of Apple Developer Program our iOS designers can use all the capabilities of the operating system and iPhone devices.
We are keeping to the user-centred approach in creation of great apps.

How we work

iPhone app design for companies
Our iPhone app development company can provide you with this bespoke mobile app solution. We tailor software for our customers to make it fit exactly to their needs. If you approach us with your thoughts of sleek iPhone app, you will receive an exclusive software tool. Unlike off-the-shelf application our software does exactly what you requires. We can build an iPhone program solution based on your current working methods helping your employees to speed up the work and the managers to automatically control the efficiency.
The Cost of iPhone App Development
Our company has been crafting iOS software since we were founded in 2010. Since that time we have been delivering amazing apps combining a high quality and competitive price. It is hard to say how much does it cost to build an iPhone app because it is a tailor-made product which price depends on its characteristics. Like a Lego, each app consists of different bricks which together create a completely new and unique construction. In our case, these bricks are app’s features and design. Depending on the complexity, functionality and other factors development of iPhone app may vary from £10,000 to millions of pounds. In our experience, average MVP (minimum viable program) cost accounts £30,000 - £40,000. We can do the estimation how much it costs to visualise your iPhone app idea when will be more familiar with it.
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    Beta Testing
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    Access to the Analytics
Writing a robust code isn’t enough for app creation. Only testing can prove that your app is working properly. If you create an iPhone application to reach and engage your customers, it is better to test your software before you present it to your target audience. We are professionals who are experienced in bugs analysing, testing, and debugging. We ensure that your software will not only perform its tasks but also meet all your business goals. Besides, app launch isn’t the end of the development process. If you want to succeed, you need continuously improve it, update and implement new features which will add value to your program. But any new improvement should be made based on careful analysis.
A perfectly working and looking software will help you retain your customers. One of the privileges of Apple Developer Program members is an ability to run TestFlight beta testing. This option allows easily invite up to 2,000 users to test iOS apps before their release on the App Store. We can upload a beta build from Xcode and invite certain users by emails to test it UI, usability, and performance. Our app designers conduct thorough internal testing checking app security, stress resistance, loadability and other crucial aspects. Our team selects people who fit the description of your target audience and invite them test your program and gather their feedback to implement further improvements and make it more intuitive, easy-to-navigate and errorless.
Another option available to our iOS developers is an App Analytics on iTunes Connect. It collects data you won’t be able to find anywhere else allowing to measure user engagement, monetization and marketing campaigns. One of the new things available in App Analytics is App Store Impression which allows finding out how many times users view your icon in search results, Featured, Top Charts and on the product page. The product page also captures the audience attention to your software, and that allows identifying if it is effective or needs changes. Analysis of marketing campaign helps to choose the most effective type of campaign, while user engagement analysis provides information number of sessions, retention, and active devices. Using this data, we can help you to modify some app elements to see which of them will improve the engagement metrics.
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How We Develop iPhone Apps

Our company does not build just another software; we craft a piece of art because our passion became our profession we have mastered. We create an impeccable design reflecting there your business identity and keeping to the user-centred approach to the creation of a great user experience. Our team is perceptive to your needs striving to deliver not just a program but a tool that achieves your goals. Our expertise is based on our continuing education, ongoing training, improving skills, and breadth of experience of work with SMEs, startups, and established corporations.


You entrust us your idea, and we make it real. Our collaboration starts with a discussion and roadmapping of your iPhone project. Whether you come to us with a brief idea or pre-existing app, we carefully work out your mobile and monetization strategy, identify core functionality, budget, and timeframes.

User Experience

The user experience is one of the key components which lead your software to the success. iPhones Retina display and iOS design tools empower our designers to benefit from all the device capabilities and deliver a deep, clear and decent design that distinguish iOS apps from other software. UIkit and Interface Builder allows customising the UI design creating unique but still familiar user experience. App developers can also help your application to benefit from 3D Touch designing shortcuts that will let users perform some action even without launching.


When we came up with a design, identified the core functionality, and analysed all challenges that may occur during the development process, our programmers starts to write code. iPhone apps can be developed only in iOS IDE called Xcode, using objective-C or Swift programming languages and with the help of Apple’s libraries and frameworks. Our development team has access to all the necessary tools of iPhone app development. Their impressive expertise brings the results that exceed any expectations. Due to the usage of the latest and the most innovative technologies our software company reduce the time of development and increase the quality of the products we make. For instance, the last version of Xcode has functionality that tracks bugs even in static code and allows to improve them even before testing. While App Thinning allows designing apps that are automatically optimised for the App Store, require less space for storage and have faster load speed.

Launch and Aftercare

As soon as we make sure that we brought your vision to life, carried out QA-tests and ensured fast, seamless and engaging user experience, our software design company takes care of its submission. You don’t need to worry that App Store won’t release your app because our developers follow all the iOS guidelines and code standards ensuring a smooth launch. Usually, it takes up to ten days to get approval after Apple review and all this time our team stays dedicated to you. Our IT specialists are ready to help you with any issue related to iPhone apps development, and you can always reckon on our technical support and expert advice.